Walking on town
Campdevànol is located in the Ripollés, at an altitude of 738 meters and with an area of about 33 km2, has the largest part of the extended term on the right side of the river Freser in the lower valley and the river Merdas. The mountains that surround us, Sant Marc, Estiula, Montgrony, Corones, offer a unique view of great landscape value. Bucolic landscapes, waterfalls and pine forests.
This church was built because the old San Cristòfol was far from the heart of the population. On July 25, 1890 inaugurated the new building, consisting of a nave and two side walls, with a small bell.
The bridge opened in July 1899 by the engineer Federico Moreno. The old bridge was built to avoid isolation in the neighborhood of Raval and joined the neighborhood, located on the right side of the river Freser, with the rest of the people.
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